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One of the keys aspects of NUS’ sustainability programmes is to provide students’ unions with sustainable income streams that can be used to run their own green initiatives.

We have also seen delivery of Green Impact and Student Switch Off strengthen relationships between unions and their institutions, as well as local community organisations as well as helping unions improve their own Green Impact results.

Of course, students also benefit from the programmes through excellent volunteering opportunities: helping increase their skills and knowledge, improving their employability.

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This year, for the first time, Student Switch Off will also provide financial reimbursement to unions who support the programme, as Green Impact has been doing for many years.

Indeed, over £100k has been distributed to unions in the last three years. We are committed to upholding these payments – a union could gain up to £1050 for supporting Green Impact and Student Switch Off at its partner university or college and an additional £800 for every off-campus organisation it supports through Green Impact.

There is no cap or limit on what a union can receive.

Sometimes unions and their partner organisations find it challenging to create a mutually beneficial plan for how they can support each other.

Therefore, you will be contacted by the NUS Sustainability Project Officer responsible for supporting you and the Green Impact and Student Switch Off programmes local to your union.

They will work with you, and provide you with support, resources and template content for communications so the workload will not be onerous and will help facilitate relationships where this is required.

We also ask that unions ring-fence the funds for sustainability related activity, and share their plans for how the funds are to be spent. This will help our monitoring and evaluation and ensure the outcomes of NUS’ programmes are known, understood and promoted.

Available payments

  Student Switch Off Green Impact in universities and colleges
Green Impact in off-campus settings
The students’ union has proactively promoted Student Switch Off and/or Green Impact, resulting in a new sign-up in the current academic year (NB: for Green Impact this does not include Green Impact Students’ Unions)
£100 £100 £100
Within the current academic year the students’ union has proactively encouraged students and/or staff to engage in Student Switch Off and/or local Green Impact programmes (NB: for Student Switch Off  this includes provision of SU prizes)
£250 £200 £200
Within the current academic year the students’ union has actively supported the Green Impact auditing process, including the recruitment and training of volunteers.
N/A £200 £200
Within the current academic year the students’ union has gone beyond the call of duty (the above list) to support NUS’ sustainability programmes.
N/A £200 £200


To claim your payment, please complete the form below. NUS runs to a July-July financial year, during which there will be two payment days – 15 November and 15 April (or the closest working day to these dates).

If you have any questions, please contact Jo Kemp, Green Impact Programme Manager on 07818 592813 or


  1. Each year, all invoices need to have been received by 15 June to ensure payment.
  2. Unions have to be affiliated to NUS to be eligible for payments.
  3. Unions receiving a Students’ Green Fund grant are not eligible for these additional support payments.
  4. Unions are required to provide proof of eligibility upon request – this may be verified with NUS staff and other programme stakeholders.
  5. NUS retains the right to judge the integrity of the union’s and delivery partner’s efforts to meet or exceed these criteria and therefore the eligibility of the union to receive the funds.
  6. Where it is more appropriate for multiple unions to support a NUS sustainability programme, NUS will distribute funds depending on the level of support provided. In most cases, this will involve sharing the total available funds between unions.


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