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Shape Our Work is an interactive portal which enables students to share their experiences, inform debate, and influence NUS’ policy agenda, as well as engage with and scrutinise our decision making events such as Zone and National conferences.

Share Your Experiences

Share Your Experiences gives students the opportunity to tell NUS and each other why they value education, what they would change and what they want more of.

The stories we collect from this application will help us to understand their day to day concerns and aspirations as we build a collective vision for the future of education.

Reviewing the costs & benefits associated with membership

In her opening address at Students’ Unions 2014, Raechel Mattey, NUS Vice President (Union Development), announced the launch of a new external commission focusing on the values and benefits of being a member of NUS, the results of which will be launched at NUS National Conference next year. Part of this commission is to include research among members.

Find out about this research here.

Policy Portal

Our members’ priorities are contested each year at National Conference, and are formed throughout the year at NUS events, within students’ unions and at NUS Zone Conferences.

The Policy Portal takes all of these interactions online, and provides a platform for members to engage in these debates. The Portal helps to shape our proposed positions ahead of submission to National Conference, through open and inclusive debate, so that the decisions we make at National Conference are as transparent and informed as possible.

The Policy Portal will also capture the views of experts from both the union movement and the wider sector, to ensure that our debates are critically informed by research and expertise.

Conference Hub

Once we have thoroughly ascertained and collated the shared experiences and values of students, the Conference Hub provides an environment that allows the membership to easily access the formal decision making bodies of their national union.

Essentially, the hub allows members to see the policy journey step-by-step; from identifying issues, to deliberating the different positions of the membership and finally specifying how NUS will act.

The Conference Hub will ensure that students have the opportunity to make NUS take action, and hold us to account on the National Conference policy programme.