Do you have ideas on what post-16 education should look like in Wales? We are inviting anyone to get involved – especially students.

I’m a student. How can I get involved?

We’re continuously recruiting students to serve on the Imagine Education Commission. The Commission meets every 6-8 weeks to hear from experts and discuss ideas about how Wales education system could look in the future. If you’re an innovative thinker, this could be a great chance to get involved in the student movement.

I work in the education sector. How can I get involved?

The Imagine Education Commission is looking for people to speak to it with expertise about the current education system for people 16 and older, but more importantly, introduce new ideas on how that system can improve. Whether you’re the director of a sector organisation or a project officer, your ideas are what count. The Commission wants to hear from you.

I teach people in Wales. How can I get involved?

Our Commission wants to hear from you. We’re looking for people who have expertise in the classroom, but also have unique ideas on how to make that experience better. Whether you teach a community course in the evenings or are a professor lecturing to hundreds weekly, your ideas are what matter. Please get in touch.

I work in another area, such as a business, charity, transport company or telecommunications. How can I get involved?

We especially want to hear from you. Education doesn’t operate in a bubble. Our Commission wants to explore all the areas that are closely linked to making it work for students, and for Wales.

You could be a business that has unique ideas on how education works in partnership to drive employment. You could be a transport company or local council that has ideas on how to improve the rail and bus networks so students can get to their nearest campus.

Or, you could be a telecommunications expert that has some innovative ways to bridge Wales’ digital divide for people who can’t get to a campus. You don’t have to work in education to imagine how it can be better in Wales.


Recent News

Welsh Education Minister imagines vision of higher education in policy statement

Thu 13 Jun 2013

Education Minister Leighton Andrews presented his policy statement for higher education in Wales. NUS Wales are delighted he has taken on board our ideas for radical innovation for students 16 and older.

Think: Imagine Education launches opinion magazine

Wed 13 Mar 2013

What should education look like for people after the age of 16 in Wales? That’s the question a range of people within the sector and student movement addressed in Think, a magazine of opinion pieces.

Pushing the Boundaries | Stephanie Lloyd, NUS Wales President

Wed 13 Mar 2013

by Stephanie Lloyd, NUS Wales President.

The debate around post-16 education in Wales has been stuck in a rut of price tags and mergers. But there are bigger questions. And a better system can be had.