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Welcome to NUS Connect's help and advice page

Welcome to NUS Connect - the new home of officeronline.co.uk, nussl.co.uk and amsu.net

The aim of this site is to bring together staff and officers of the student movement into one community site strengthening the collaborations between each union and the national organisations.

NUS Connect has been designed to constantly grow and develop to meet your needs and we hope you enjoy using the site.   

Your homepage

The homepage allows you to filter campaigns and news to specific areas of interest. Use these filters to quickly access the information you want. Customise the site to your preferred colour scheme from the homepage too.

In the next few months we’ll be updating the homepage to allow you to move widgets around the page and pick and choose which ones you want to have on your homepage.

My Account

Located in the top right corner of the site this is where you manage your own details such as job title, phone number, address etc. Add a photo of yourself and make yourself more visible on the site.

How to confirm a user (General Managers and Presidents)

When a user registers on NUS Connect from your union you will receive an email from NUS Connect with the details of the person who has registered.

To grant or deny access to this person you log-on to NUS Connect scroll to the bottom right of the page and click Admin.

Select organisations and then click on Review Registrations. You can also delete people who are no longer at your union but who are appearing on our database.  

How to grant access to the Trading section (General Managers)

The Trading section of NUS Connect is only available to NUS Services shareholders and the Central Billing and Trading Directory systems are only available to purchasing members of NUS Services.

For purchasing members unions the General Manager or the Extranet Administrator can grant or deny access to individuals at their union giving them ultimate control of sensitive financial information. To grant a user access to the Trading section watch this video:

  • Click on Admin
  • Then click organisations. 
  • Then go to the Edit Permissions icon.
  • Select View Trading Section from the drop-down and then click on the check-box of the user you wish to give access to.
  • Finally, click apply.
  • Repeat the process for Central Billing and Trading Directory access if you wish the user to access these sensitive financial systems.
  • Many staff users at your union will have automatic settings allowing them to view the trading section without you having to go through this permission process.
  • To stop users getting access to Trading, Central Billing or Trading Directory simply uncheck the boxes next to their name.

For more detailed advice download our permissions guide (PDF 219KB)

How to grant other users permission to authorise registrations

Not all General Managers or Presidents wish to administer their NUS Connect accounts so we have a handy feature that lets you create an Extranet Administrator role on your account.

To give this role to another member of your staff firstly make sure they are registered on the site. 

  • Then go to Admin
  • Then click on organisations 
  • Then go to the Edit Permissions icon. 
  • Select Review Registrations from the drop-down and then click on the check-box of the user you wish to manage registrations on your behalf.
  • Finally, click apply

How to confirm events bookings

The NUS Connect events booking system allows any registered user of the site to sign up for an event. However, only General Managers and Presidents can confirm bookings and pay for the event itself.

Whenever a member of your team registers for an event you will receive an email accessing you to authorise or reject the booking. To see how you do this watch the video below:

  • If you are happy for members of your team to register for events without needing to be authorised then you can change this setting by going to the Edit Permissions area of the site (see video above this one) and clicking on Manage Event Delegates.
  • From this page simply tick the checkbox on all the names or groups to give everybody access to confirm and pay for event bookings. 

How to edit union details in the SU Directory

You can edit your SU Directory listings live on NUS Connect. Simply go to your union page on the SU Directory and then click on Control Panel in the bottom right of the screen.

Then click on your union name. Click on the Edit Pages icon and this loads up your SU Directory pages allowing you to change the details listed.

Join in

We have article comments, forums and a document sharing library.

Join in and participate by commenting on stories, providing your opinion and advice in the forums and make NUS Connect the definitive student movement community site.

Happy browsing and use the NUS Connect forum to give us your thoughts and feedback.

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Get help direct from Customer Services

If after viewing the videos you need clarification on any aspect of NUS Connect then please get in touch with a member of our Customer Services team via email on customerservices@nussl.co.uk or via phone on 01625 413222.