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Campaigns staff network

Campaigns staff network

Fri 10 February 2012 10:00-15:30
University of Nottingham Students' Union

Do you work in a students’ union in a campaigns role or a role that involves campaigning? If so, the campaigns staff network is for you!

The next meeting is on Friday 10 February at the University of Nottingham, free for staff to attend. The day will consist of participatory workshops and talks by guest speakers, providing participants with opportunities for peer learning, hearing from inspiring and critical campaign examples, as well as practical tools for implementing effective campaigns by students’ unions.

To attend, RSVP to Philip Hadley on philip.hadley@nus.org.uk / 07585969854.

This meeting will include sessions on the following (download the agenda for full details):

  • NUS’ unpaid internships campaign - overview and how to get involved
  • Using social media in campaigning - opportunities, challenges, tools.
  • Guest speaker (How to move from awareness rainsing to campaigns for change)
  • A show and tell campaigns example from a students' union
  • Discussion about the future of the network

We aim to hold the meetings every two months, rotating venues, with a view to sustaining long-term engagement with staff from students' unions.

To join the network, sign up to the jiscmail group, for information, discussion and updates!

The network is part of NUS’ Campaigns Effectiveness programme, which students’ unions are encouraged to access for campaigns advice and training, networking and support. We hope to launch an online forum and resources hub at a later date, as well as further events and workshops. One key feature of the staff network is that we are designing it with the ideas and stated needs of staff in mind – as both a professional development programme and a means to enabling students’ unions to effect positive social change for students.


Campaigns Team,


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