The Model

SUEI is a model that assists Unions in improving outcomes for their members. It encourages unions to focus is on finding out what the members of their particular Union want and delivering this within the resources available to them. 

The right structures and processes

The onus is on each Union to provide the services, facilities and activities in accordance with their particular needs. SUEI also supports unions to ensure that the right structures and processes are in place to provide firm foundations for the union to operate effectively.

Project management

Throughout the process strong project management skills are required and a commitment from staff, students and officers to achieving this award.

Key lines of enquiry

Detailed within the image below are the key lines of enquiry that unions are assessed against alongside the values and rationale for SUEI.



 • Empathy

 • Democray

 • Diversity

 • Learning

 • Openness

 • Behaviour




What's so special about the union?

 • Participation

 • Representation

 • Governance


What's the union trying to achieve?

 • Vision

 • Objectives and yearly planning

 • Customer focus



 • Effectiveness

 • Service

 • Trust

 • Legitimacy

 • Governance

 • Learning

 • Development



Is there quality stewardship?

 • Well managed

 • Effective performance

 • Political management


Are there quality outcomes?

 • Impact

 • Reputation

 • Services


What underpins this quality?

 • Communication  • Finance  • Partnership

Stages of SUEI

There are two stages of SUEI.

  • SUEI 1 is a foundation level and takes two years to complete.
  • SUEI 2 requires the union to demonstrate continuous improvement in relation to the outcomes of their SUEI 1 assessment over the proceeding three year process.

Audits and awards

At the end of each stage in the process, participating students’ unions are audited and successful unions are awarded either a Gold, Silver or Bronze award in recognition of their achievement.

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