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Students’ Union Evaluation Initiative:
The mark of a good students’ union

SUEI was a unique quality assessment model that assists in improving the services and activities delivered to members of Students’ Unions by indicating areas for continuous improvement.

The initiative has helped lots of unions to achieve better results through its framework.

SUEl no longer takes on new students' unions, but we've used the model to create our new Quality Students' Unions scheme - more financially accessible, and suitable for unions of all sizes.






Current Members


There are currently some students' unions  still taking part in SUEI 1, the foundation level of the programme.

There are also students' unions taking part in SUEI 2, the continuous improvement element of the programme. The audits for these unions are currently taking place, and will be completed in December 2013.

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Useful contacts

Karen Edwards
If you require any information on SUEI please contact Karen Edwards, Programmes Manager, NUS Charitable Services, Karen.Edwards@nus.org.uk