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Campaigns: Womens

Women's Campaign Awards 2013

Wed 06 Mar 2013

NUS Women’s Campaign Conference hosted their first ever awards ceremony. See the winners here.

NUS Women's Awards

Tue 29 Jan 2013

Women's Campaign Logo

Being a Women's Officer Handbook Updated

Mon 10 Dec 2012

We've updated our handbook for Women's Officers with new information which will be useful to both Women's Officers and campaigners for women's liberation alike.

Abort67 visiting institution campuses

Wed 07 Nov 2012

The anti-choice group Abort67 have been holding protests at a number of Universities in the last few weeks across the UK, starting with the University of Sussex on the 22nd October, appearing at Cambridge, Nottingham and now Manchester. It is believed that they also intend to go to protest at the Universities of Liverpool and Bristol.

International Women's Day Briefing

Tue 28 Feb 2012

NUS Women's Campaign have produced a briefing on the history and importance of International Women's Day, along with event listings and tips for organising your own event.

FORWARD Survey on Attitudes to FGM

Tue 21 Feb 2012

FORWARD (Foundation For Women's Health Research and Development) are calling on young people to take part in their survey on attitudes to FGM.

NUS Calls on Government to Recognise Stalking as Offence

Mon 23 Jan 2012

NUS has called on Government to recognise stalking as a specific offence, in a response to a Home Office consultation.

NUS Women’s Officer writes to Justice Minister on murder appeal ruling

Mon 23 Jan 2012

Read Estelle Hart's letter to Ken Clarke following a Court of Appeal ruling last week.


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Hello. I'm Susuana Antubam and I am the NUS National Women's Officer.

Here, on the Women's Campaign page, you'll find the latest downloads and news on our campaigns. 

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