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Officer Development

Webinar programme 2015

NUS has created this programme to ensure we are constantly delivering learning and development opportunities across the year for officers and staff in students’ unions.

This work fits into a wider strategy which looks at completely refreshing our officer training programme and continue our work in developing an outstanding student movement workforce.

We are particularly committed to ensuring that all students’ union officers and staff have access to learning and development opportunities, regardless of their geographical location or financial position.


Who is it for:

  • All officers of HE and FE affiliated unions
  • All staff of HE and FE affiliated unions



How does it work?

We will be using Webex online meeting software. You can familiarise yourself with this software before attending a webinar by watching 'How To' videos, found here.

If you have any particular questions please contact Amanda Stanford (Learning and Development Consultant) -amanda.stanford@nus.org.uk or Sham Rajyaguru (Projects Officer) - sham.rajyaguru@nus.org.uk 


Before you attend a webinar 

Read through this PowerPoint presentation  which gives information and advice about joining and participating in our webinars.



15 January 2015, 12.00 - 13.00

Introduction to Environmental and Ethical (E&E) and NUS

Presented by Jo Kemp (Green Impact Programme Manager) and Laura Williams (Sustainability Project Officer)

Watch the recorded webinar


15 January 2015, 13.30 - 14.30 

Student Opportunities and the General Election

Presented by Rosie Hunnam (Student Opportunities Co-ordinator).

In this webinar, we will explore how students' unions can make the General Election relevant and interesting to their clubs, societies, volunteers, fundraisers, and student media.

Watch the recorded webinar


29 January 2015, 12.00 - 13.00

Race Matters: A presentation on research findings exploring the experiences of Black staff in unions (UK Wide)

Presented by Mandeep Rupra-Daine (Equality and Diversity Consultant)

Being representative and meeting the needs of diverse students is crucial for the effectiveness of all unions, however the ethnic diversity of the workforce in the student movement continues to be low at every staff level. To better understand this lack of Black representation research was carried out in 2014. The research also aimed to better understand the experiences of Black staff in unions and expose any barriers Black staff may face. This is the first ever research of its kind and it provides an invaluable and powerful insight into the current landscape for Black staff. Ultimately the research highlights that the lack of Black representation requires attention if we are to effectively represent the diversity of our membership and if the workforce is going to embody the student movement's core values of equity and social justice.

This webinar will provide an overview of the research findings from the Race Matters Report, which will include exploring what unions can do to begin to address the structural barriers to race equality in the student movement, increase the representation for Black staff, and ultimately create inclusive unions.

Watch the recorded webinar


29 January 2015, 13.30 - 14.30 

Everything you need to know about Access Agreements (England only)

Presented by Sarah Kerton (Higher Education Consultant (Midlands and the North), Policy).
Every year, institutions that charge over £6,000 in undergraduate fees are required to agree an Access Agreement with the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) that set the measures the institution intends to put in place to improve access, retention and success for underrepresented groups. Students' unions are increasingly influential in this process, with written guidance expecting institutions to work in partnership with their union on developing their access strategies.
This webinar will introduce you to Access Agreements and OFFA, looking at what they include and what they don't, as well as explaining the process that will take place over the next three months in negotiating and agreeing your institutional access agreement. It will also introduce you to some of the innovative work being undertaken by unions across the country as a result of engaging in the Access Agreement process.
It will be of use to staff and officers who lead on access and widening participation, as well as those interested in liberation, eduction and welfare.


6th February 2015, 12.00 - 13.00

Membership Commisson (UK Wide)

Presented by Jamie Scudamore (Membership Services Manager) and Ian Passmore

NUS Membership Commission Report.

Chair of NUS’ Membership Commission, Ian Passmore, will deliver a brief presentation and will available to answer questions on the report which is due for publication on Tuesday 3rd February. 

Watch the recorded webinar 


6th February 2015, 13.30 - 14.30

Understanding power and how to use it: a Master-class in Changing the world (UK wide) 

Presented by James Robertson (Development Consultant, Strategic Support Unit).

Everything is the way it is in the world because of power. This master-class will draw on multiple ideas about power from philosophers, sociologists, psychologists and cognitive linguists and help you:


·         Develop a more critical appreciation of campaign tactics: the opportunities, limitations and spaces for action

·         Apply them to become more mindful, strategic and power-conscious in addressing the root causes of inequality and exclusion

·         Make changes in your own thinking and behaviour, within peer groups and students' unions, universities and wider social and political structures


To do this you will learn more about how to identify different forms of power and the different levels and spaces that they exist within. You will then use this learning to underpin a better understanding of how to choose effective campaign tactics and construct stories that frame your issue and affect peoples' values.  


In response to the question after lead and change, ‘which was the most relevant and why’: “Power changing the word - if the 4 days were based on the themes explored here of would truly be enlightening and mobilizing”


In response to the question after zone conference, ‘what would you like to see included at future events’ “More practical and supportive sessions like James'. He gave us real advice and real knowledge on how power functions and how to fight for what we want. It was incredibly inspiring”

Register for this webinar 



12th February 2015, 12.00 - 13.00

Engaging students of faith and belief and mitigating risk of external speakers (UK Wide)

Presented by Sukhi Kainth (Faith and Belief Project Manager) and Zahra Latif (FE & Nations Project Officer – Campus Cohesion and Interfaith)

This webinar will look at activities and ideas for increasing the engagement between different student faith and belief groups and the Students’ Union.

·         Learn more about the Campus Cohesion, Faith and Belief Project plus the team

·         Identify traditional barriers to engaging faith and belief groups/societies

·         Identify examples of enabling policy and procedures

·         Illustrate examples of good practice in mitigating risk against external speakers

·         Introduce external influences on faith and belief groups/societies

Register for this webinar

Please use the password Faith123


12th February 2015, 13.30 - 14.30

Education for sustainable development - creating change and empowering students through the curriculum (UK wide)

Presented by Quinn Runkle (Senior Project Officer - Community and Cirriculum) Kim Croasdale (Sustainability Project Officer)

Audience: Education officers, course rep coordinators and other officers/staff with an interest or formal remit for curriculum

Register for this webinar

Please use the password Sustainability12


19th February 2015, 12.00 - 13.00

Raising the bar on cocktails (UK wide)

Presented by Jo Heuston (Senior Account Manager) and John Clay (Lucas Bols Global Brand Ambassador)

The webinar is designed to be an ‘access to the experts’ session to assist unions audit existing cocktail menus, capitalising on current trends, refine quality of serve to delight customers with theatre and address training issues and needs.

This session is aimed at bar managers, food service managers, general managers and chief executives responsible for licensed trade and catering operations within their business. 

Watch the recorded webinar

Please use the password Bolssession


19th February 2015, 13.30 - 14.30

Making your union more enterprising (UK wide)

Drawing on good examples from across the student movement, and bringing in ideas from the commercial world, we’ll talk you through 10 ideas for making your SU more enterprising.

Watch the recorded webinar

Please use the password enterprise


26th February 2015, 12.00 - 13.00

How to put together an annual quality report: part 1 (Wales only)

Presented by Jessica Rumble (Research and Policy Assistant - NUS Wales) and Heather Ferguson (Student Partnership Consultant - NUS Wales)

This first of two part one-hour webinars and guide will be used to help students’ unions start the process of writing annual quality reports. Part 1 will introduce delegates to the annual quality report and will focus on how to gather meaningful qualitative evidence from students to use in the report.

This session will enable delegates to gather evidence for their reports, and will be encouraged to do this before the next session.



26th February 2015, 13.30 - 14.30

Planning for Future Students (Scotland only)

Presented by Natalie Masterson (Head of Development - NUS Scotland) and Charlotte Lawley (Development Manager - NUS Scotland)

Drawing on good examples from across the student movement, and bringing in ideas from the commercial world, we’ll talk you through 10 ideas for making your SU more enterprising.




5th March 2015, 13.30-14.30

Building partnerships in your local community

Presented by Charlotte Bonner (Communities Programme Manager)

Reaching beyond the campus walls - building partnerships in your local community

This webinar explores the different ways building partnerships in your local community can benefit unions and their students, with particular focus on sustainability and the environment. We’ll discuss how this ties in with widening participation, outreach and volunteering, community organising, student centred learning and developing new business models. We’ll illustrate with case studies, explore how to initiate new community partnerships and host a Q&A wrap-up to ensure participants leave with ideas and next steps that are relevant to their current situation and future plans.

Watch the recorded webinar


12th March 2015, 13.30-14.30

The Values Crossroads: membership engagement in the age of individualism

Presented by James Robertson (Union Development Consultant)

In this context delegates will learn; how values work, the relationship between different values and behaviours, how to engage certain values to encourage political engagement. Delegates will be challenged about the implications of this critique for wider organisational development and which way they’d like to see students’ unions go as they stand at the values crossroads. 


Watch the recorded webinar


19th March 2015, 12.00-13.00

Raising the Bar on Beer Sales and Craft Ale

Presented by Jo Heuston (Business Development Manager) and Matthew Brand (Head of Insight - Carlsberg UK)

The webinar is designed to be an ‘access to the experts’ session to assist unions evaluate pricing to deliver the optimum rate of sale, to drive value in addition to volume via premiumisation and deliver the right range of craft ales for customers
This session is aimed at bar managers, food service managers, general managers and chief executives responsible for licensed trade and catering operations within their business. 

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19th March 2015, 13.30-14.30

Student Media: supported or censored?

Presented by Rosie Hunnum (Student Opportunities Coordinator) and Collette Bird (Media Officer)

How students’ unions can support and develop their student media to be professional, legal, engaging, and relevant. We will discuss censorship and the ‘battle’ that occurs in some SUs with their student media. 


Watch the recorded webinar




Visit the archive page to view recordings of previous webinars.

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