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20 years on from the 1994 Education Act, we're celebrating the things that students’ unions have achieved in spite of the 1994 Education Act, not because of it.

We need to use this milestone as an opportunity to reflect on the value, importance and impact of the student movement with a view to creating a vision and shaping our future for the next 20 years.

To ensure that this work has the desired outcomes we will need to base our approach on one of the values that we all hold dear – collectivism. 

NUS has designed a series of briefings, tools and information sheets to help start the most important conversation we have had for 20 years, and together we will formulate a case for our future that makes students too powerful to ignore. 

But this conversation needs more voices than ours. We're putting together a quote wall of contributions from stakeholders from across the student movement, and a win wall for your union to celebrate your impact. We want as many contributions as possible - so please get involved, and share it with your stakeholders.

This is about the future of the student movement and why we exist. We need the leaders of the student movement to take us towards 2034.

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I'm Raechel Mattey, Vice President Union Development. This part of the website forms part of our ongoing mission to promote students' unions and the work you do. Here you'll find resources, news/advice from other students' unions and best practice information from NUS.

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