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Students' lives extend beyond the classroom. NUS Wales recognises this by working on issues that deliver better welfare for its members. 

Mental Health

Mental health is a serious issue for many students, and they have the right to access appropriate care and support.

NUS Wales has collaborated with Gofal to create a toolkit for students, students’ union officers and staff on mental health. These toolkits include guidance on the issues, how to campaign on them and how to support discussions on mental health and are designed to develop knowledge amongst officers and staff.

Last year saw the first mental health bootcamp for officers and staff from further and higher education across Wales, which we hope to repeat during this academic year.


Students have the right to access affordable, safe and secure housing during their time studying. We are working to ensure new Welsh legislation on housing benefits students rather than discriminates against them. 

News about Welfare

There are no current news articles.

I’m Beth Button, NUS Wales President for 2014-15. I represent the interests of more than 320,000 students through the membership of 23 college and university students’ unions. This section is designed to help these members find out the latest news and events that concern them.

Imagine Education

Education for people after the age of 16 in Wales needs help. We think students in our nation get a better deal than those across the border in England. But we want them to get an even better deal. That’s why we’re leading this long-term piece of work to Imagine Education.

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