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Higher Education

NUS Wales represents the students' unions at 10 of Wales' 11 universities. We are constantly working for these members. Here are a few of the key areas on which we're currently focusing:

HE Student Representation

Find out about how NUS Wales is working to improve the student voice in universities through WISE -- the Wales Initiative for Student Engagement -- and the Have Your Say programme.

Mergers in Wales 

For the past two years, the Welsh Government has been pushing its agenda for 'reconfiguration' -- or mergers -- of Wales' universities. While NUS Wales supports this move, we are constantly pushing for students to be key partners, arguing for the levelling-up of services, provision and support. 

Union Development 

Our member students' unions range from small and specialist to large and commercial. NUS Wales offers bespoke support to each of them, including regular policy briefings and bootcamps.


News about Higher Education

Students said Yes, Wales said Yes

Thu 10 Mar 2011

yes for wales

YES - 517132
NO - 297380

The Electoral Commission have today announced that Wales has said Yes to the National Assembly for Wales Referendum with a majority of over 200,000.


I’m Beth Button, NUS Wales President for 2014-15. I represent the interests of more than 320,000 students through the membership of 23 college and university students’ unions. This section is designed to help these members find out the latest news and events that concern them.

Imagine Education

Education for people after the age of 16 in Wales needs help. We think students in our nation get a better deal than those across the border in England. But we want them to get an even better deal. That’s why we’re leading this long-term piece of work to Imagine Education.

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