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Don't dither, divest!

Thu 23 Oct 2014

Kirsty Haigh on why we should campaign for institutional divestment from fossil fuels and arms

We Are the Change Events

Fri 09 May 2014

Our organisers have been on campuses and communities across the UK for the last 5 months and over the next few weeks there’s going to be a series of events taking place to bring lots of this work together.


Kirsty Haigh

I'm Kirsty Haigh, NUS Scotland Vice President (Communities). I lead the work of NUS Scotland Communities Network together with Communities Campaign Convenors Gary Paterson and Jeroen Van Herk.

Students aren’t just interested in what happens in the classroom and on campus - they have a greater role to play in their community and society as well. This year the Communities Network will focus on the following issues:

Democratic and ethical institutions

We believe colleges and universities should have greater social and ethical responsibility to effect positive change in the world around them and become more democratic in their operations. We will empower associations to get their institutions to act ethically and become more democratic and transparent when making decisions.

Independence Referendum

Working with the different campaigns, independent bodies and young person advocacy organisations, NUS Scotland wants to ensure a significant voter turnout among students and young people in the Scottish independence referendum.

NUS Scotland will work to ensure maximum turnout of registered voters for the referendum so that their impact is felt on the policy decisions following the outcome of the vote.

Student housing

NUS Scotland believes that by supporting the formation of co-operatives we can address issues of rising housing costs while promoting what are fantastic examples of democracy and collectivism in action. This year we will work to make co-operative models widely known amongst our membership and provide support for students wishing to form new co-operatives.

NUS Scotland will also work with students, association officers and interested groups to build a nationwide network of housing activists that will be able to develop local campaigns on housing issues and campaign for the Scottish Parliament to introduce greater controls on private sector rents.

What can you do?

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