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NUS Scotland's content has now moved to the new BETA NUS Connect website. This section is here for reference whilst we move over content. Please visit the new website for all the latest content.

NUS Scotland comments on the Smith Commission report

Thu 27 Nov 2014

The Smith Commission, which set up after the independence referendum, on a cross party basis, to look at further devolution for Scotland — has put forward their recommendations.

Stop Student Poverty

Mon 24 Nov 2014

NUS Scotland has launched a campaign around the Scottish budget calling on MSPs to put more money into the budget for student support.

NUS Scotland calls for more powers to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament

Fri 31 Oct 2014

Read NUS Scotland's response to the Smith Commission's consultation on the devolution of further powers to the Scottish Parliament

Don't dither, divest!

Thu 23 Oct 2014

Kirsty Haigh on why we should campaign for institutional divestment from fossil fuels and arms

New Mental Health Project Supported by See Me

Thu 09 Oct 2014

Supported by See Me, we are launching a pilot project working with Forth Valley College, Edinburgh College and the University of the West of Scotland

NUS Scotland and SSS annouce awards launch

Mon 06 Oct 2014

Healthy Body Healthy Mind Awards promote good physical and mental health

Robert Foster is elected vice-president (education)

Sun 17 Mar 2013

Delegates at NUS Scotland Conference have chosen the vice-president (education) for 2013/14



My name is Gordon Maloney and, as President, I head up the 12 other executive officers who lead the organisation.

I lead the work of the Priority Network together with Priority Campaign Convenors Jules Fitzgerald and Alan McDonald.

Our previous work

Over the past three years, NUS Scotland, the Priority Campaign and thousands of students across Scotland have all achieved some huge wins:

  • A Post 16 Education Bill from the Scottish Parliament, which puts fair access in legislation, creating a strong, national framework for it to happen, and will get universities doing more
  • A commitment by over 85% of newly elected MSPs to not introduce tuition fees, to maintain places and to improve student support.
  • An increase in university funding of over £135m by 2014/15
  • £260 million in additional student loans for students, as part of a commitment to introduce a £7,250 minimum income guarantee, starting with the poorest students, from 2013/14.
  • Reversed planned cuts of £140m to Scotland’s colleges, with places protected and FE student support increased for this year.

Our work for 2014-15

Over the next year, we’re looking to build on these further, with our work focusing on:

  • A blueprint for the future of education funding, which gets the best deal for students and institutions. We want to see funding which reflects and supports our vision for education, and achieves parity of esteem between university and college, FE and HE.
  • Improving student support for further education students, ending the unfair discretionary, postcode lottery which currently exists.
  • Getting a better deal for postgraduate students, on access, funding, and information, advice and guidance.
  • Working nationally to ensure that we get strong, sustainable, autonomous and appropriately funded college students associations.
  • Building on our work this year to ensure our universities have greater transparency, democracy and accountability.

Get involved

For more information about the work of the Priority Network, get in touch, follow me on Twitter @gordonmaloney.

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