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 Studying in the UK - Academic Support for International Students

The UK education system, the teaching methods and academic expectations may be very different from those in their home country.   As such international students may require additional support while they adjust to the new systems.  

This information is not always communicated clearly to students or at all prior to coming here to study. Some international students find it very difficult to adapt while others thrive.

It is important to remember that international students are not a homogenous group and the points mentioned here are recurring themes for some international students but will not impact on all of them.

Academic Suport Factsheet - Includes information on learning and teaching styles, academic writing styles and useful academic writing resources for international students.

Library Services Factsheet - Includes information on library services for international students, example jargon busting sites and link to the Society of College, National and University Libraries publication ‘Library Services for International Students'

Plagiarism Factsheet - Includes information on why plagiarism may be higher amoung international students and what support you can provide.

Presentation by Colin Neville, a lecture of Bradford University, who has been doing research on plagiarism and international students. He was the keynote speaker of NUS/UKCISA training for International Students Officer 2010.

Presentation on plagiarism and international students part 1

Presentation on plagiarism and international students part 2


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Hi, I'm Shreya Paudel, the International Students' Officer at NUS.

The International Students Campaign aims to represent, support and improve the experiences of all international students in the UK.

From fighting for fairer immigration policies to supporting the internationalisation of unions, we make sure the international  student voice is heard. If you have any comments, please drop me an email.

Staff contacts:

Joy Elliott-Bowman, Campaigns and Policy Officer (Immigration), NUS


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