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In the know with Joe

Every week NUS’ Vice President Further Education, explains a key issue going on in FE for Students’ Union Officers and Student Governors. If you want to know more, or just have a suggestion for Joe to note in future editions, you can email Joe here.

1 - GCSE Reforms

2 - International Students

3 - FE Zone conference 2013

4 - Learner Satisfaction Survey

5 - Raising the participation age

6 - Apprentice IAG Research

7 - 24+ Learner Loans

8 - Funding cuts for 18 year olds

9 - Vocational Learning

10 - Local Enterprise Partnerships

11 - Raising participation in the Learner Satisfaction Survey

12 - The Road to National Conference

13 - Careers Guidance: Guaranteed

14 - Second Chance Learning

15 - FE and Transport

16 - Protecting DSA for HE in FE students

17 - Open Data in FE

Toni Notes

From 2011 to 2013 VP FE Toni Pearce released a series of notes on the big issues within further education. You can download these from the list below.

Special - Adult Learners' Week 5

Special - Adult Learners' Week 4

Special - Adult Learners' Week 3

Special - Adult Learners' Week 2

Special - Adult Learners' Week 1

34. Free lunches for college students (No Free Lunch)

33. EBaccs and Tech Baccs

32. Learner Satisfaction Survey

31. Community Learning

30. Regionalisation in Scotland

29. FE Guild

28. A-Level Reform - UPDATE

27. FE Fees (Apprenticeships)

26. Learner View

25. Richard Review of Apprenticeships

24. Hidden Course Costs

23. A Level Reform

Special - Looking to next year

Special - Hidden Course Costs

Special - Adult Learners' Week

22. Career learning IAG

21. Complex Needs Complex Choices- IAG

20. ESOL

19. Stop and Search

18. College Governance

17. IQER

16. FE Loans

15. Review of Learner Involvement Strategy

14. NSS in FE

13. UCAS Points Tarrif Consultation

12. Complaints Adjudication

11. Institute for Learning review of CPD

Special - Changes to the OFSTED Inspection Regime

10. LSS Results Publication

9. Functional Skills

8. Participation in education and training

7. Young Peoples Education and Labour Market Choices 

6. The Pound in your Pocket 

5. Rising NEETS and the Youth Contract 

4. 14-19 Study Programmes

3. Exams

2. Learner Satisfaction Survey

1. Care to Learn


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Hi, I'm Joe Vinson, Vice President (Further Education).

Welcome to the Further Education zone of NUS Connect where, come rain or shine, you'll find campaign information, news and ideas to take up in your students' union. Campaign materials and information for students are available at www.nus.org.uk.

If you have any comments or ideas on how we can improve this section, then please email me at joe.vinson@nus.org.uk. In the meantime, please check out my blog for photos and my thoughts on the varying campaigns we're running.

Staff contact: Katie Shaw, FE Campaigns & Policy Officer

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