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Campaigns: Disabled

World Mental Health Day 2014

Fri 10 Oct 2014

Friday October 10 is World Mental Health Day 2014.

NUS and students force Government u-turn on cuts to DSA

Fri 12 Sep 2014

NUS is congratulating students across the country for their incredible campaigning work, following a ministerial announcement this morning that the proposed reforms to the disabled students’ allowance will now not be happening this year.

Emma: Don't cut me out

Fri 06 Jun 2014

I graduated after 7 years with a first class Master of Pharmacy degree and it was the proudest day of my life.

Toni Pearce: Don't cut me out

Fri 06 Jun 2014

I haven’t been to university, it’s important to remember that it is because I made a choice not to go. Scrapping the Disabled Students’ Allowance would have taken that choice away from me, and it will take the choice away from thousands of students who rely on it every year. So here’s my message to David and Co. on our constituency lobby tomorrow - Don’t cut me out of University.

Don't cut me out - Why DSA is important

Fri 06 Jun 2014

Today, NUS is holding a national constituency-based lobby of MPs opposing the cuts to the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). It is incredibly important that we outline how dangerous and damaging these cuts can be.

NUS Disabled Students’ Officer elected

Fri 07 Mar 2014

Maddy Kirkman from York University Students’ Union has been elected as the new NUS Disabled Students’ Officer.

International Day of Disabled People "Coming out as Disabled"

Tue 03 Dec 2013

I'm coming out... Again: I am so incredibly excited to launch the NUS "Coming out as Disabled Day" in celebration of the International Day of Disabled People.

Keynote speaker: Naomi Bentley

Tue 08 Oct 2013

Actor Naomi Bentley delivered a keynote speech at today’s Student Mental Health conference, stressing the importance of speaking openly about mental illness.

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Hi, I'm Maddy Kirkman, Disabled Students' Officer and welcome to the Disabled Students' Campaign page. Here you'll find information, news and resources for students' union officers and staff. 

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