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A New Deal



  • We want government to phase out tuition fees and restore public funding to universities.


  • We’re calling for a new postgraduate funding system that removes the financial barriers to study and puts the diverse needs of students first.


  • We want political parties to commit to creating a new and better Education Maintenance Allowance so that disadvantaged students in further education can thrive and reach their potential.


  • We want government to protect and improve the Disabled Students Allowance.


  • We want government to protect in law the rights of all students to independent representation in a students’ union and the right to independent redress where students feel that they have not been fairly treated.


  • We want political parties to recognise that not every learner needs to look the same and to restore AS levels, resits and modular learning.


  • We’re asking the next government to make a commitment to adult learning by halting the expansion of 24+ fees and loans, and scrapping them instead.


  • We want government to make a commitment to public education by ensuring that no penny of public funding goes to for-profit providers of education.


  • We want government to treat asylum seekers with conditional leave to remain as home students for student finance purposes, giving them access to the funding and support they need to achieve their potential.


  • We want government to put into place a national financial protection scheme into which all education providers have to pay, to ensure that students’ studies are not disrupted in the event of institutional failure, or funding sources being severed by natural or civil crises in their home country.

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Hello, I'm NUS National President Toni Pearce and welcome to our national campaigns' page.

In this section you'll find out about all the national campaign work that we, and you, are doing. As the year progresses you'll find more and more resources to support your campaigns as well as up to date campaign news.

So add us to your favourites and keep checking us regularly. If you have any comments or suggestions about what you would like to see on this page email campaigns@nus.org.uk.

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