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A New Deal

NUS releases 'New Deal for the Next Generation' general election manifesto

Mon 06 Oct 2014

NUS has launched the 'New Deal for the next Generation' manifesto today which outlines the policy asks students' unions and the student movement will be demanding from the party that wins the general election in May next year.

Lobbying Act: update

Mon 29 Sep 2014

This is an update on the Lobbying Act (Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014) and with initial advice to students’ unions on whether you should register your union as a non-party campaigner.

Workshop: Diversifying the movement

Thu 28 Nov 2013

A case study on increasing the number of women leaders in students' unions

Keynote speaker: Ceri Goddard

Thu 28 Nov 2013

Ceri Goddard is the CEO of the Fawcett Society, and spoke on her career of campaigning for equality

Women in Leadership round up

Thu 28 Nov 2013

130 women staff and student officers came together for the first ever Women in Leadership conference

Keynote speaker: Kirsty McNeill

Thu 28 Nov 2013

Kirsty McNeill delivers a keynote speech at our first Women in Leadership conference.

Workshop: Developing your leadership identity

Thu 28 Nov 2013

Exploring the importance of women creating a leader identity that is authentic and founded on values.

Evaluation of #demo2012

Fri 05 Apr 2013

Evaluation of #demo2012; Educate, Employ, Empower


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