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Joe Vinson

Joe Vinson is the NUS Vice President (Further Education).

Fri 17 Oct 2014

Why FE students must register to vote

It’s been cut after cut after cut for the further education sector over the last few years. We’ve...
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Wed 17 Sep 2014

A new, better EMA

The 20th of October will mark a dismal anniversary: four years since the Chancellor, George Osborne, announced that the Education...
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Tue 12 Aug 2014

Separating the AS and A level will do more harm than good

Today is the start of a really important week for so many of our members. This week thousands of students...
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Mon 19 May 2014

Who Cares About The Locals?

It’s hard not to notice that it’s election season, and it’s pretty much my favourite time of...
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Mon 17 Mar 2014

The adult education cut and what it means for homeless people

We know education for many is the lifeline that helps you to improve your situation by building self-confidence, giving...
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Thu 06 Mar 2014

Young People failed in a whole new way by the media - #SaveBBC3

We often talk about young people being shut out of society. Whether it’s the blatant disregard for young people...
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Fri 14 Feb 2014


In December the government announced it would be taking 17.5 per cent out of the budget for 18 year...
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Fri 13 Dec 2013

State of the EduNation

The below is a speech I gave at FEstival on 11 December 2013. Good afternoon everyone. I’m so excited...
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Fri 04 Oct 2013

An open letter to Michael Gove on GCSE and A Level reforms

The following is a letter I recently sent to Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education, regarding GCSE and...
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Mon 16 Sep 2013

Rigour mortis

Over the last few weeks we have seen thousands of young (and older) people receive their GCSE, AS Level and...
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Tue 13 Aug 2013

Revoking the need for teaching qualifications in FE

­We’re constantly told that we need to get the right qualifications to succeed, that it’s important to continue...
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Toni Pearce

Toni Pearce

Toni Pearce is the President of the National Union of Students (NUS).

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Raechel Mattey

Raechel Mattey

Raechel Mattey is the NUS Vice President (Union Development).

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Joe Vinson

Joe Vinson is the NUS Vice President (Further Education).

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Megan Dunn

Megan Dunn is the NUS Vice-President (Higher Education)

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Piers Telemacque

Piers Telemacque is the NUS Vice-President (Society & Citizenship)

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Colum McGuire

Colum McGuire is the NUS Vice President (Welfare).

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Maddy Kirkman

Maddy Kirkman is the NUS Disabled Students Officer

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Malia Bouattia

Malia Bouattia is the NUS Black Students' Officer.

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Fran Cowling

Fran Cowling is the NUS LGBT Officer (Women's Place)

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Robbie Young

Robbie Young is the NUS LGBT Officer (Open Place)

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Shreya Paudel

Shreya Paudel is the NUS International Students' Officer 2014/15.

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Susuana Antubam

Susuana Antubam is the NUS National Women's Officer

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Gordon Maloney

Gordon Maloney is the NUS Scotland President

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Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall is the NUS-USI President

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Robert Foster

Robert Foster is the Vice President Education at NUS Scotland.

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Vonnie Sandlan

Vonnie Sandlan is the NUS Scotland Women's Officer

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Beth Button

Beth Button is the President of NUS Wales.

16 posts
Last post 29 Aug 2014
Last comment 09 Jan 2014
Ebbi Ferguson

Ebbi Ferguson is the NUS Wales Deputy President

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Rosie Inman

Rosie Inman is the NUS Wales Women's Officer

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