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NUS Connect BETA



We are in the process of moving our content from our current NUS Connect website to our new site on UnionCloud.

This migration period will take around 6 months to complete. In addition to content migration we will also be integrating our current web systems and databases into the new NUS Connect.

How to use the current NUS Connect website and the BETA site

For the next few months you'll be using both websites, depending on where the content is located.

The homepage of the current NUS Connect site will no longer be in use, however all the sections of the site will still be accessible.

The BETA site does not have a registration process or log-in at present. Any aspect of the site that is only available for NUS members will still be located on this site.

This includes sections like the HR Hub, SU Directory, Trading and Central Billing, Affiliation fee statements etc.

The BETA site will link back to the current site where applicable.

From July 2015 this version of NUS Connect will be switched off.

We need you

We've launched the BETA NUS Connect website for you to contribute to it's direction and development before we close down the current site.

One of the biggest parts of the BETA process involves us being able to hear back about what you think, your experiences of using the new layout and where we could improve.

We've created a simple form for you to provide feedback at any time.