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All about NUS Connect

NUS Connect is the membership extranet for all national organisations in the student movement:

  • NUS and its autonomous regions: NUS Scotland, NUS Wales, NUS-USI
  • NUS Services: the commercial trading arm of NUS 

What is an extranet site?

An extranet site is restricted network that allows controlled access to internal and confidential information to authorised users by connecting them via the internet. In specific relation to NUS Connect only people who work with one of our member students' unions can gain access to the site.

What's available on NUS Connect?

NUS Connect is a specialist resource and community site, developed for the benefit of NUS member unions and NUS Services shareholders.

This site holds all the materials that NUS provides to student officers by way of support as well as materials to commercial staff members in relation to NUS Services. Registeration to NUS Connect will enable you to access information that is available only to members of NUS-affiliated unions.

The site offers many community features such as:

  • Blogs
  • Commenting on articles
  • Searching for friends and colleagues at other unions via the SU Directory
  • Uploading and downloading resources for the membership to share
  • Creating and responding to new threads in the community forums

The site is designed to enable you access relevant information quickly and effectively: 

  • NUS Connect uses tags and filters throughout the site enabling you to gain access to the stories you want directly from your homepage
  • You can very simply subscribe and unsubscribe from email alerts from each area of work
  • Registering and taking part in events is smooth and faster than ever before
  • Access to a resource library which all users can upload documents such as model policies and job descriptions reduces the need to re-invent the wheel

What's nus.org.uk for then?

nus.org.uk is the public face of NUS and caters for all students in the UK by containing information about NUS campaigns, NUS Extra, general information and articles of interest to students.

NUS Connect is the place to be for student officers, union staff and people who work closely with your union.